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The Wedding Cake Planter: a colorful green outdoor table accessory

December 17, 2011

Potted has been founded by two friends Mary Gray and Annette Goliti Gutierrez who are also known as the Garden Tarts. This venture is their inclination towards creating aesthetic outdoor environment for decor enthusiasts who enjoy to keep their outdoor space as stylish as the interiors. The Garden Tarts keep reinventing their designs by incorporating vintage pieces and developing new and innovative designs for outdoor furniture, pots and so on – making their art a unique ‘potted’ style!

Wedding Cake Planter

The Wedding Cake Planter is one of the latest creations from the Garden Tarts which features in their spring collection. This planter has a very apparent wedding cake-like shape and can therefore be placed on any garden table to spruce up the outdoor look. This beautiful centerpiece is a stylish one and is composed of three portions which are varied saucers of different sizes. The smallest saucer acts as the pedestal of the Wedding Cake Planter. The only other function of the smallest saucer (apart from supporting the other two saucers) is to collect the extra water that has seeped down from the two plant saucers above it and simply empty it out from time to time.

Apart from the bottom saucer, the other two saucers are of varied diameters so that they fit above each other just like a two tiered cake. You can now be as creative as possible with this unique table planter by planting different colored plants or even contrasting plants. The thing that you must keep into account when you choose your two favorites for this planter is to make sure that the plants are not those that will outgrow the dish with big leaves and stems because it will mar the look. Choose small sized plants like different varieties of cactus that do not grow to a great height and are also relatively low on maintenance.

The Wedding Cake planter is made out of ceramic and comes in a natural white matte finishing which looks perfect for outdoor decor. The dimensions of this planter are 11 inch diameter x 9.24 inch height. The price of this amazing centerpiece is $125.

If you love to spend time outdoors in your garden and like to add more life and zing to the otherwise plaid surroundings, then do get yourself a Wedding Cake Planter for your outdoor garden table which most certainly will add more style and glamor outdoors!

Via: PottedStore

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