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How much water does the ponytail palm needs?

Before I go ahead and buy a ponytail palm I need to be sure about its take care factor. I am an extremely busy businessman and I usually don’t get a lot of time to take care of my household chores let alone my plants but I love my plants. Do you think that the ponytail palm will be perfect for me and it won’t need a lot of attention? Also another very important thing I need to ask you is about its watering routine, how much water does the ponytail palm needs and at what intervals?

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  1. Ruchi Kaur says:

    Adopting a Ponytail palm is the best option for plant lovers with busy work schedules. You have made the right decision in adopting one so don’t give a second thought about it. Ponytail palms aren’t attention seeking and they don’t demand much of your time.They are one of the most easily growing home plants. Such palms take their own time to rise from the soil ,so don’t expect significant changes in them till a year. They grow very slow.They aren’t the ever thirsty kind of plants and so you won’t need to bother about frequent watering. Its bottle shaped trunk makes caring for them easy and simple. It is for this reason it is also called the ‘bottle palm’. They have the capability of storing water for longer duration. Feed them with liquid only when the soil seems dry. Avoid flooding the pot in which it is grown since it will lead to its decay. Such palms need bright light. Place them near a window for appropriate sunshine.You can decide on its size as per the space of your apartment by re-potting it.The leafy palm will make you feel nature’s presence and make up for your dreams of a garden.

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