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Vertigrow modular boxes cater to your varying planting arrangements

December 10, 2011

Urban houses and apartments sadly lack the space and system for growing a bit of greenery around. This leads to poor air quality around the house and lack of fresh and clean air. Here is a wonderful way to keep your surroundings green even if you are living in the smallest of apartments in town. Vertigrow has come up with this beautiful solution to keep your house verdant and wonderfully fresh.


The modular boxes created by Vertigrow can be fixed on to your walls or wherever else you prefer in order to grow the plants. The boxes can be filled with soil and tended to like any other plant pots. Vertigrow modular boxes come in three different sizes and depth to cater to your varying planting arrangements.

It not only serves as a plant pot, but also enhances the visual appeal of the area in which it is fixed. Vertigrow modular boxes are made of rotomolded plastic and the brackets that are used for fixing them on the walls come in the popular decorative motif, fleur de lis. The brackets come with holes for screws which can be drilled on to the wall.

The second option is to pull back the patterned center part of fleur de lis into the mortar while constructing the building. The modular boxes can be used as a continual trough or individually depending on your gardening and aesthetic requirements.

The boxes look very beautiful and modernistic with their clean and curvaceous lines, which are in line with nature and very pleasing to the eyes. When the plants are grown, they look even more appealing and add extraordinary appeal to the atmosphere. Vertigrow has indeed found a perfect solution for the gardening needs of urban residences. The fact that they can be transported wherever you grow makes them even more desirable for families who are always on the move.

Via: Coroflot

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