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Seven vertical gardens that put green on a new pedestal

November 14, 2011

vertical garden design

Vertical gardens are amazing sky farms that can be placed on any wall, both indoors and outdoors. They literally transform old run down buildings and walls into green vegetation walls. They require no soil but plenty of water for growth. The pioneer in the field of vertical vegetation is Patrick Blanc, a French botanist and garden designer. He was inspired by plants growing vertically in the wilds without the need for soil. The plants are lightweight and just any type of wall can support the weight of vertical gardens. These gardens are also called urban gardening as they are suited in urban areas where ground space is limited. They are not only beautiful but help in filtering clean air into buildings upon which they grow. There are many countries coming up with this kind of gardens mainly as a promotion for eco friendly environment and to combat global warming. Here is a list of seven such innovative and sustaining vegetation growing on walls:

1. Musee des Arts Premiere Quai Branly

Musee des Arts Premiere Quai Branly

This vertical garden in Paris was created by Patrick Blanc in 2004 near the Eiffel Tower. The wall is about 200 meters long and 12 meters in height. Its walls are completely covered by vegetation and irrigation system. The plants in this building reduces overall temperature of the building, thereby reducing energy consumption.

2. Sky farm, Las Vegas

Sky farm, Las Vegas

This is the world’s first 30 storey vertical farm with 30 floors of indoor farmland. It is estimated to produce food for 72,000 people annually. With an estimated $40 million in annual revenue, this farm could promote sales and tourism in a big way.

3. Sky farm, Toronto Canada

Sky farm, Toronto Canada

This vertical farm in Toronto is estimated to feed 35,000 area residents annually. It will require only 1.32 hectares of land for 58 floors, with 8 million sq. ft of space for growing crops. This 714 ft vertical structure is estimated to bring in revenue of $ 23 million annually.

4. Parabienta living wall system, Japan

Parabienta living wall system, Japan

This wall costs approximately $ 60 per sq. ft and is lightweight, functional and cheap. It has been manufactured by two Japanese company. These walls cools down a building by a natural process that takes place within the plants.

5. Foundation Cartier, Paris

Foundation Cartier, Paris

This plant wall was built in 1998 and has not been trimmed since. A gardener removes the dead leaves and replaces old plants with new ones where necessary, once every 2 to 3 months.

6. BHV Homme, Paris

BHV Homme, Paris

This vertical garden adds a natural Eco friendly environment to the department store resembling a verdant and vibrant abstract painting. It adds a spark of life to the otherwise overall austere setting.

7. Caixa Forum, Madrid Spain

Caixa Forum, Madrid Spain

This living wall has taken innovation to the next level of artistry in the newest museum in Madrid. With over 15,000 plants from 250 different species, this vertical garden takes up one entire wall measuring 24 meters. This is one of the best artistic display of vertical gardens in Spain.

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