Top 10 indoor plants for your home

September 22, 2011

Indoor plants

Science has already proved that indoor plants have the power to calm your mind and soul. It can also purify the surrounding air by adsorbing harmful toxic aerosols and gasses and, hence, are always better than the artificial plants. But in order to have healthy indoor plants in your home, you need to have proper expertise to decide an indoor plant for yourself. Here we’ve compiled a list of useful indoor plants to ease up your search. Read below to know about the top 10 indoor plants for your home:

1. Angel Ivy Ring Topiary

Angel Ivy Ring Topiary

Commonly known as wire wine, the scientific name for it is Muehlenbeckia nana. This beautiful vine measures around 12 inches in height and 8 inches in diameter and can survive pretty well in varying degree of temperatures. But the best temperature to keep them is between 65 and 80 degrees.

2. Amaryllis, ‘Yellow Goddess’

Amaryllis Yellow Goddess

This one is indeed a goddess among flowers and its Latin name is Hippeastrum ‘yellow goddess’. The flowers are of soft yellow color, trumpet-shaped with the shades of green at the throat. The stem measures around 20 inches and the blooms are around 7 inches. The bloom time for this green colored foliage is early to late winter.

3. Tropical Combo Bonsai

Tropical Combo Bonsai

These medium-sized indoor plants do not grow more than 18 inches tall. In the early stages, this plant can be placed on a table. But once it grows, it needs to be shifted to a larger pot and the best place to keep it is in a corner or larger area of your home. The leaves are very simple to handle given the fact that they only require water and moderate light to thrive.

4. Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm

Well it’s not required to tell how they got such a cute name. One look at the plant will make you understand it. As they are native to dessert lands, they require very little attention and must be watered once in every 7-14 days. But keep in mind that they grow very slowly and need to be placed near a window or in a place where full sunlight is always available in abundance as they require bright sun light to survive.

5. Moth Orchid, Novelty Stripes

Moth Orchid, Novelty Stripes

Moth orchid is not only extremely beautiful but has got air-purifying qualities too. It is considered as one of the best air-purifying house plants. They bear a minimum of five buds and they open one by one, from the bottom of the stem to its tip. And this creates a riot of colors. Along with the already mentioned qualities, one more point to rejoice is the fact that they bloom for two to three months once or twice a year.

6. Miniature Herb Standard Topiaries

Miniature Herb Standard Topiaries

These particular plants make any place green and flowery. Foliage varies from light green leaves of rosemary, to the dark green and white variegation of Serissa, to the sombre yet luxuriously fragrant green foliage of lavender. They are planted in clay pot and grow 11 inches in height. Regular watering is required and the soil should be moist and not soggy.

7. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen

These are one of the best ‘easy to grow’ indoor plants and are famous for their resilience and ability to withstand poor conditions. The leaves are pointed, leathery and dark green in color, and are three to five inches wide and up to one foot long; and often contain heavy silver marbling. The thick stems of this slow growing plant can be cut and re-rooted once they grow too tall.

8. Chamaedorea Palm

Chamaedorea Palm

These plants are grown from seeds and take many years to grow. They are sensitive to soluble salt and prefer to stay uniformly moist. Once they acclimate to new interior home, they would sustain for a long time. Bamboo plant must never be over watered and should be provided with abundance of bright indirect light.

9. Cactus Combo Bonsai

Cactus combo bonsai

A variety of cactus species can be assorted in a low ceramic dish to create an unique miniature garden. You can take the help of specialist grower to carefully select the cactus varieties so that they can easily thrive in your home. Cacti and container measure 6 to 10 inches tall. They need bright light to grow will and can remain dry in winters. The best time for them to bloom is spring.

10. Braided Ficus Tree

Braided Ficus Tree

This beautiful plant has leathery leaves that are dark green in color and cover the semi-weeping branches. They require consistent moisture and bright indirect light. It is called braided ficus because its four stems are intertwined together. This beautiful plant gives unique touch to your home decor because of its braided stems and full-bushy top.

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