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Is there any seed bank in Ohio?

I have been searching for a seed bank in Ohio but to my amazement I can’t find any. Ohio is no less than any other state but still I can’t find one, this is so impossible to believe, maybe I am searching at the wrong place. Can you please give me the contact detail and if possible the navigation for the seed bank situated in Ohio? Thank you so much.

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  1. Rahul Shah says:

    Seed bank in Ohio:SEED BANK HOMESTEAD offers fresh hosta seed this past fall gathered (2010) collection varieties. Order by circling your choice; minimum order $ 10.00. use the seed list as your order form and circle, your choices. In most cases we have ample supply. However some varieties are limited, so please list.possible substitutions by placing a large S beside the name! to cover shipping and handling, U. S. and Canadian customers add $ 3.50 up to 15 packets. International customers add $ 5.00. between 15 and 30 packets, all customers add an additional $ 1.00. between 30 and 45 packets everyone add another $ 1.00.All payments must be made in U.S. dollars or by credit card. Makechecks payable to: homestead seed bank. Sowing instructions are included with each order. Forbest results store in freezer prior seed to sowing. each year seed bank closes on October 31 for reviewand renewal.Address:SEED BANK HOMESTEAD FOR 20119448 , Mayfield RoadChesterland, Ohio ( 44026)Phone 440-729-2836. Fax 440-729-9838hostahomestead Email: toots9448@aolImportance of seed bank in ohio The effects of common forest management practices on the seed bank are assess. Species composition of the soil seed bank is examined under three treatments: thin, burn, thin followed by burning, and an untreated control. Thinning conducted in fall 2000 was and burns were conducted in Spring 2001. Soil samples were collected in march 2004, three years following treatment. Species composition is assessed by seedling emergence. Seventy species are found in all the seed bank. Such as ruderal species erechtites hieraciifolia . No significant difference in speciescomposition of functional groups or proportion is found treatment between any of the groups. Species composition of the seed bankand above-ground vegetation in all are significantly different treatments. Species composition and canopy cover are spatially autocorrelated significantly each thinned and burned in the treatment.

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