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Pod – A ‘green’ compact mini kitchen herb garden

November 26, 2011

The Pod is a great Eco-friendly compact herb kitchen garden that is made out of biodegradable plastic for growing your favorite herbs in an optimal way! Created and developed by Joe Bradford, this innovative herb garden is a unique kitchen garden that requires minimal maintenance and can later be planted directly into the soil, when the herbs have reached their maturity and need more space to grow. The Pod is crafted out of a unique oxo-biodegradable plastic that actually decompose and breaks down to form normal biomass. Therefore, the Pod can be equated to simply growing your herbs in a natural environment.


The Pod comes with the tray containing a puck of compressed soil along with the seeds – hence, you already have everything that is required to start your kitchen garden! The Pod is essentially divided into three separate units – the bottom part of the Pod, the top lid of the Pod and the tray of the Pod which actually contains the dirt puck and seeds! Firstly, you must take our the tray and then fit the dirt puck inside of it. Then, by using the measuring cup, you must follow the instructions of watering the dirt puck – which means mixing water and a special mix in the correct proportions. After the watering if the dirt puck is complete, you can then add the seeds to the damp dirt puck and then proceed to assemble the three components of the Pod respectively. Keep watering your herbs at regular intervals, as instructed in the guidebook.

After a period of time, your herbs will grow to reach the tip of the Pod. This is an indication that your herbs have reached their level of maturity and should now be placed in the soil as they need more space to grow and flourish. So take out the herb tray and place the same into the soil in your actual garden. You need not worry about the plastic tray constricting the growth of the herbs, as the plastic tray is biodegradable and will gradually break down and convert into biomass over the course of time. So, your herbs will actually be gaining from the decomposed plastic tray or biomass!

The Pod is truly a great way to grow your favorite kitchen herbs the right and healthy way, so that you can enjoy their amazing flavors in your personal recipes!

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