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How do I plant seeds?

I want to learn about gardening from the scratch. How do I plant seeds? What are the steps, starting from the beginning? What are the accessories that I need to buy to get started? How much should be the space between the seeds? I have managed to buy the seeds of marigold. How much watering does it need and what is the interval of time that I should follow to keep them healthy and growing?

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  1. Divya Gunda says:

    Planting or gardening is easy and requires fertile soil and water.Planting is related to small areas whereas gardening requires larger areas. In case of marigold,water required is twice a day.It is enough and the distance between the seeds should be 2feet.The plant should also get sunshine as photosynthesis takes place in plants.For well growth of plant you can apply cow dung etc. Generally for planting, red soil is preferred at most.To keep away from insects or pests you can make use of insecticides or pestcides.

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