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New innovative steel pot to add greenery to your small spaces

November 30, 2011

There is a great news for all those people who like have greenery all around, but are unable to fulfill their hobby for the lack of enough space in their house. Not all the people these days are blessed with beautiful sprawling gardens, but this is not a matter to lose your hearts because Bernhard Strobl has created a special multi level steel plant pot for you. Now, growing plants in small spaces can be possible. Finally, your dream to decorate your roofs and balconies will come true.

Steel Plant Pot

This multi level pot has been made of stainless steel, which means it will remain intact forever. As we all know that stainless steel is very durable and resistant to rust, you can keep this pot out on the roof without any fear of it being damaged. Another interesting fact about this pot is that it is totally handmade. Special care has been taken to include even the minutest details like the holes in the pots. As the product has been carved out of hand, the designer explains that it is normal to find a slight variation in each product. What is more important is that the size of the pots can be customized, so you can actually order for a pot that can fit your space. This way, people with small spaces can also enjoy the joy of gardening. As you see the picture of this unique pot , you can very well notice that its design is such that all the plants will receive the sunlight equally. Moreover, for the plants on the top, you do not even have to bend to water them or pluck something from them.

This multi level plant pot is suitable for all kinds of small plants. You can either grow herbs and spices or you can choose to plant some beautiful flowers. If you are fond of decorating your interiors with some greenery, you can even plant some fancy indoor plants. The spiral shape of the pot will provide a great look to your house.

If you are interested in this innovative way of adding greenery, contact the manufacturer as soon as possible. Make your environment green and beautiful. Do not let the lack of space stop you from doing so. Adding a bit of greenery can enhance the beauty of your surrounding. This effort is actually good even for our ecosystem. We all know that that the condition of our ecosystem has been deteriorating because the plants are being cut down. These small plants can actually make a lot of difference and improve the condition of our environment.

Via: Behance

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