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How to create a cacti dish garden

January 25, 2013

Cacti dish gardens are super attractive and the very low maintenance flora that make excellent plant pets for the lazy. These need minimum care and can survive on very little water which makes them ideal for dry and arid climates. Here are a few tips that can help you create a wonderful cacti dish garden.


How to create a cacti dish garden

Get a shallow dish

You may have seen cacti sitting pretty in the ground in the wild but when you’re creating a cactus garden at home, you need to plant them in shallow dish planters only. You can choose decorations like stones and ornaments to deck it up a bit as well.

Plant these in Cacti soil only

Regular potting soil doesn’t provide enough drainage for cactus plants so you should ideally get some from the local nursery. Alternatively, you can make your own cacti soil by mixing potting soil and sand in 1:1 ratio.

Provide drainage in the dish

The dish planter that you use for planting a cactus plant should have a drainage hole at the bottom. To optimize drainage, you should layer some fine pebbles at the base of the dish and spread the cactus soil on top and fill the dish to just below the brim.

Plant the cacti carefully

Most nurseries sell cacti plants with some form of wrapping protecting people handing them from the needles on the plant. But you should still wear protective leather gloves to avoid wounds.

Find a sunny spot

Once you have planted the cacti in the soil, you need to find a sunny spot for it. Cacti thrive in the sun so you should place your dish garden outdoors or near windows that get a lot of sun.

Never overwater your cacti

Cacti need minimal moisture to thrive which means that you should water them just once a week or till the soil starts to look very dry.

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