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How to create Pot Flower Towers

November 5, 2011

Pot Flower Tower

Do you love to see your balcony or patio more beautiful? Or do you like to bring in a piece of your garden inside your home? Well, flower towers are the answer. They not only use vertical space, which is very important in space management technique but also gives a colorful ambiance. Imagine your patio with towers full of flowers in different colors during those summer days.

1. Difficulty level

The project is not at all difficult. There is not even any intricate job to do. Basically you can do it yourself with ease.

2. Time required

To complete the flower tower you would need hardly a day even if you do all the jobs on your own.

3. Resource required

5 numbers of terracotta pot in different size. For this project you should select pots in 14, 12, 10, 8 and 6 inches.

You would also need a terracotta saucer if you decide to place the tower on a floor and not in garden. Go with saucer size of 12.5 inches.

2 cubic foot of potting soil would be required for filling the pots.

You would need 36 inches of rebar or dowel rod.

Soil moist granules you should have as they save potting soil from loosing moist.

Lastly, of course you would require annuals to plant. Buy 20 to 30 plants in different colors.

4. Instructions

First, place the 14 inch pot on the saucer and place the whole thing in the location where you want flower tower to bloom.

Second, fill the pot with potting soil, mixed with moist granules. When filling with soil remember to keep 3 inches free from the top of the pot. Level the soil in the pot by patting evenly.

Once done with the bigger pot, its time to build the tower. Place the rod that you have bought in the center of the pot and make sure to push it down to the bottom of the pot. If you place the tower in the garden, you should push the rod down below within the ground. This rod would make the tower stable.

After installing the rod, place 12, 10, 8 and 6 inches pots in the same order. And fill all the newly placed pots with potting soil.

Congratulation, you have now successfully completed building the tower. It is time to decorate it with annuals. Start with the biggest pot. These must only 2 inches of soil left where you can actually plant. Place annuals in such way that you maintain a gap of 2 inches between to plants.

After putting the annuals, fill the pot again with potting soil. You may fear that softly placed annuals may not remain in their place. But don’t worry. Allow them to expand their roots for couple of days. They won’t go anywhere.

Everything is complete now. It is time to water the tower. Remember and don’t forget to water the pots evenly while watering the plants. Dry pots would soak moisture from soil and keep your annuals thirsty.

Initially the tower may look barren to you but hold on. Let the flowers bloom properly. You won’t even see the pots then. Whole tower would look like a vertical installation of flowers only.

6. Quick tips

You might ask which type of annuals you should choose. The answer depends on where do you like to place the tower. If tower would remain in shady area choose flowers, which does not require direct sunlight to grow. Impatiens and Lobelia are such varieties. If you prefer open balcony or patio where sunlight would be plenty, go for Petunia, Calibrachoa, Alyssum or Wave Petunia.

You can go for other varieties too. But remember to avoid flowers which grow upright. Prefer only those types which growing in mound, cascade or in flowing manner. And also select those which have blooms of 1 or 2 inches in size only.

Blooms and health of the plants would be better if you fertilize the soil. Prefer regular water soluble fertilizer for this purpose.

When planting flowers remember to mix and match different colors. It would be better not to keep two same colored flowers side by side.

In summer day, try to water the tower twice a day as water drains out in the pot quite easily. If you mix moist granules with soil, as advised, moisture can be maintained for longer period.

7. Things to watch out for

Before building the tower, decide on the place it would be kept on. Once the tower is complete it will be too heavy to move. And the whole structure could become unstable if you do so.

Structure of pots would remain intact for years. You would require changing only the plants every year as their life is only a year long.

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