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How to create a garden border

October 18, 2011

Garden border

A garden border is aesthetically created in and around the garden to make it appear beautiful. Such a border can be created with the help of plants, shrubs or with bricks or stone edging to add beauty to a particular patch of land in the garden. It can have great impact on your garden so far as aesthetics is concerned. Parks, lawns and gardens are renowned because of the designs and makes of borders in them.

Things that you will need to create a garden border

  1. First of all, you will have to judge the fact that what kind of border you need. For that, you need to observe your garden thoroughly. You can consult with garden designers or get recommendations from the best gardening websites.
  2. You have to select the particular plants with which you want to create the border. In this, the designers can give you plenty of ideas and physical help.
  3. If you want to create a border with bricks and stone edging, you need to decide with what kind of designs the borders will look best. How aesthetically you will make the designs to join the stones to create imaginative and pretty designs.
  4. You can have a border with bamboo fencing and that might lend a natural look to the garden. For that you will have to arrange bamboo.
  5. You can give borders with wrought irons. Those designs should be drawn and given to welders for manufacturing.
  6. Other than the above things, you will need a spade, trowel, best organic matter, grit, good fertilizer and mulch.

Steps you need to follow

  1. You can sit with your designer and with the photo of the existing garden; you can lay different designs of borders to your garden with the help of CAD (computer assisted designing).
  2. Secondly, you need to know whether the border will be situated in sun light or in shade.
  3. You need to determine whether the soil contains salt or alkaline.
  4. At last, you fix up your mind that what kind of border you are going to have.
  5. The first step is you mark up the space determining the kind of shape the bordering will ultimately take. Do not take narrow shapes and create easier curves, which will be best to mow and shape. Use a few pieces of long pipes to mark the shape of the border. By that, you can imagine the decency of the border that you are going to make. Else, if you have already bought bushes or plants, keep those around the shape of the border to help your imagination know the beauty of the border. You can arrange and rearrange the plants to improve the design and beauty of the shape of the border.
  6. You need to know and improve your soil. You can remove the weeds and perennials at the place of border. By this, you can improve the soil to the maximum. You must take care of the drainage while creating the garden border. In the market, soil test kits are available to know whether the soil is salty or alkaline. You need to test the quality of the soil to help the bushy borders or hedges grow fast. Give proper fertilizer to the soil of the border.
  7. The last step for you is to plant the border. If you have at your disposal quick growing plants, you can plant those so that those will grow quickly to take proper shape of border. Completely plan the planting’s designs before you begin digging. This can be done on paper or you can place flower pots to give a shape to your imagination. While you dig holes on the soil for the plants, leave enough space between the plants. Make the holes deep enough.

Tips and tricks for better garden borders

  1. You need to apply your own aesthetics and imaginative skills to create the garden borders.
  2. You can consult with experienced gardeners and take their help. There are a number of websites to give you ideas about garden borders.

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