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When should I change the soil for the potted plants?

How do I take care of my potted plants? Please tell me about it in a detailed manner. Changing the soil of the potted plants is I guess is very important, is it? If it is then when should I change the soil for the potted plants? How often? And also tell me What are the important manures that I should mix with the soil to keep the plants healthy?

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  1. Sonam Rani says:

    It is the so called duty of the gardeners to take care of their plants time to time. They are required to pay full attention towards their gardens. Hare we have to talk about the time when we have to change the soil for the potted plants . Conditions for changing the soil:1. Soil of the plant should be changed when it is no longer fitting into its pot in which it has planted .2. When the current soil is getting harder then we should repot it as soon as possible. 3. After watering when a plant wilts a day or more days discolored leaves appear then this is also the reason to repot it.Conditions to be fulfilled before changing the soil:Soil should be changed after watering the plants atleast one day before. We should knock the plant with a hard surface , if the roots are tightly fitted in the container. Plant is pulled carrying the base and it is removed from the container. Now plant is ready and clean the container properly in which plant was there. Pieces of broken clay should be placed on the top of the holes through which drainage is done and then it is filled with the fresh potting soil to about 1/2 inch within the top of the container.

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