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7 Best Wheelbarrows for Large Gardens

September 30, 2011

A wheelbarrow is a small hand propelled product that usually comes with wheels. It is designed to push the products which are needed in gardening. Usually, a single person can operate this product. The word comes from two words; wheel and barrow. This means to carry out the things. Even kids enjoy to play with it. They find it as a transporter to carry their toys, water bottle, dolls and many other things.The product is usually light in weight and easy to care. However, there are many brands that sell wheelbarrow. But, the good one is the one which comes with long term durability and is efficient enough to carry heavy things. It helps to divide the weight by distributing its load between the user and wheel so that it won’t be so heavy to carry it from one place to another. It is said to be a convenient carriage of bulkier or heavier loads. This wheelbarrow comes with different and unique design out of which you can choose the best one for yourself. Due to central wheel most of the load gets on it. Usually it is used in garden, landscape or construction jobs.

Concrete or masonry worker use the metal wheelbarrows so that they can mix the concrete. Landscapers also use this product to change the natural environment of properly piece. Most of the professional landscapers prefer wheelbarrow for transporting materials from alarge pile to their desired area. Gardeners also uses wheelbarrows so that stress gets reduces from their back of carrying heavy products. Heavy things like compost and soilcan be places in wheelbarrows without any discomfort. When you decide to plant huge garden, you can place gardening tools, plant trays and other things in basin of the wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrow don’t need enough space. Rather, they are easy to use and completely safe. If you are planning to get one for yourself then surely it is a good idea. You can even buy it for your small kids as they enjoy to play with it and store many things. Here are some wheelbarrow which are popular in the market.

List of the products mentioned below:

  1. Marathon Industries70015 5-Cubic-Foot Poly Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow
  2. Ames True Temper PW4 30 4-CubicFoot Poly Wheelbarrow
  3. Radio Flyer Kid’s Wheelbarrow
  4. John Deere – Wheelbarrow
  5. Tricam FR110-2 Farm& Ranch 400-Pound Capacity Steel Utility Cart
  6. Flowtron YC-500B Handy HaulerYard Cart with 5-Cubic-Foot Carrying Capacity
  7. Fiskars 6221 Carry-All4-Cubic-Foot Garden Cart

1. Marathon Industries 70015 5-Cubic-Foot Poly Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

Price: $ 78.48

Marathon Industries 70015 5 Cubic-Foot

This product is easy to use and extremely convenient for kids. It is light in weight and you get it at affordable price. It is best suited for residential user. The design of two tires makes maneuvering and lifting extremely convenient and easy. Along with this product you get cushion grip loop handle, and 2 pneumatic tires.

Product USP:

  1. The product comes in different colors due to which you get many options.
  2. It is in almost perfect balanced due to location of axles.
  3. Due to thick poly-plastic tub, the wheelbarrow flexes when soil is dumped.
  4. There are two 13 inches tube-type pneumatic wheels which makes it easy for turning and lifting.


  1. It is easy to assemble and good to use.
  2. The product is not so bulky.
  3. It has got durable powder coated steel frame

2. Ames True Temper PW4 30 4-CubicFoot Poly Wheelbarrow

Price: $69.00

Ames True Temper

These are the smaller capacity of wheelbarrows which can be used for daily routine. They are easy to use and extremely convenient to carry. It has got long term durability. You don’t have to face the problem of storage. There are small handles and single wheel that makes this product unique. It is made with seamless steel tray with 14 inches wheel assembly.Due to Pneumatic 2-ply tires you can easily direct it around the yard.

Product USP:

  1. It is a great product to be used for yard work.
  2. It has got long term durability.
  3. It is light in weight.


  1. Corrosion proof poly tray.
  2. Homeowner use.
  3. 13-Inch wheel assembly.
  4. Quick assembly poly risers.
  5. Red in color.

3. Radio Flyer Kid’s Wheelbarrow

Price: $35.99

Radio Flyer Kid's Wheelbarrow

This wheelbarrow is great tool to haul grass clippings, flowers, toys and other things. It comes with red steel tray with a hardwood handles and triangular steel undercarriage. The product is light in weight with 16 inches wide and 20 inches long. The stand of wheelbarrow is 11 inches from the floor and its overall weight is just 7 pounds.

Product USP:

  1. The production of this product is really amazing.
  2. It make easy to gather things.
  3. Your kid can carry leaves, sand, water, snow, blocks, dolls and many more without breaking it.


  1. Kids can enjoy playing with this product as it is extremely light in weight.
  2. It is completely safe to use.
  3. The handles are made from real wood which makes it sturdy and strong.
  4. Rubber wheel and molded steel can stand up to rough terrain.
  5. For ages over 3 years.

4. John Deere – Wheelbarrow

Price: $ 39.99

John Deere

This product offers great durability and long term usability. It is a fun product which kids enjoy to play with. The functional stamped steel wheelbarrow makes it unique product. Due to long rubber tire,pushing is the breeze becomes easy. There is durable steel that makes the product stable when it is parked. You will find this product in two colors yellow and green.

Product USP:

  1. The product offers long term durability.
  2. It is not a costly product.
  3. It is extremely sturdy with heavy duty tires.


  1. Due to long rubber, pushing part becomes simple.
  2. Kids can really help in the yard.
  3. Steel tube legs give stability.
  4. Durable wooden handles.

5. Tricam FR110-2 Farm& Ranch 400-Pound Capacity Steel Utility Cart

Price: $89.87

Tricam FR110-2 Farm & Ranch 400-Pound Capacity Steel Utility Cart

The cart is the best to use for landscaping job or garden job. Due to the removable slides you will not have any problem in converting a utility cart to flat bed.There is padded straight handle because of which cart is easily pulled by hand.There is no problem to handle any terrain and is good to drag rocks, plants, mulch or some other garden supplies.

Product USP:

  1. You get this product at affordable price and easy to use.
  2. The good wheel steering makes the product unique.
  3. The product comes with good durability.


  1. Straight padded handle.
  2. 400-Pound maximum load capacity.
  3. Folding removable sides convert utility cart to flatbed cart.
  4. 10-Inch pneumatic all-terrain tires.
  5. Durable 18-inch by 34-inch steel mesh deck.

6. Flowtron YC-500B Handy HaulerYard Cart with 5-Cubic-Foot Carrying Capacity

Price: 69.99

Flowtron YC-500B

It is a great product that carries compost, tools, mulch and topsoil effectively. The product comes with long term durability and also has flat interior bottoms. This makes the balancing more proper. It is fully assembled. To carry the product there is cubic foot carrying capacity. You get this product in different colors and at affordable price.

Product USP:

  1. The product is good for landscaping and garden works.
  2. It does not get affected even if 15 pounds rock is put inside it
  3. Kids enjoy playing with such products.


  1. Heavy-duty steel axle.
  2. Ribbed front rim for added impact strength.
  3. Carrying capacity is unto 300 pounds.
  4. Oversized wheels – 3.75 inches wide.
  5. Comfortable handles.
  6. Flat bottom for balanced loads.

7. Fiskars 6221 Carry-All4-Cubic-Foot Garden Cart

Price: $79.99

Fiskars 6221

It is the best product to store things. It is specially designed to transport variety of materials and tools which are needed for gardening or some other household chores. Its design makes it more unique. It can easily move personal items, mulch, compost, yard waste and other storing products. Due to large rubber wheels it becomes easy to push and pull the price. You get sturdy tubular steel handle. It is one of the leading product which offers long lasting durability. It is a complete user friendly product. The product is bit different and better as compared to other.You also get the facility of carrying five-gallon bucket due to its additional support.

Product USP:

  1. There is a main tub that comes with cubic-foot capacity.
  2. It is good to carry heavy materials like compost, rocks much from one place to another throughout the garden.


  1. Large 11-inch wheels for maneuverability.
  2. Built-in work platform.
  3. 4 cubic feet capacity.
  4. Built-in bag hooks for trash pick-up, bulb storage, etc.
  5. Large tray with two recessed pockets.

Wheelbarrow is said to be a carrier that comes with one wheel. It consists of tray which is bolted to two handles and two legs. It is mostly known to carry the small loads of house gardening. It is also used for construction purposes and in industry to carry heavy loads.

In modern wheelbarrow there is more than one wheel. This makes it convenient to carry heavy things. The wheels are located in the front and underneath the load. Other facility like side clips and storage space makes this product unique. It is considered as necessity for backyard gardening. In Wheelbarrow there is a tray which is made of steel, plastic or wood. There can be steel brace that attach the body to steel legs and wheel that comes with rubber tire. Some handles are made of wood; some of metal while other are made up of hard plastic grips.

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