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7 Fancy patio umbrellas for your courtyard

September 28, 2011

Tilt Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas are bigger forms of hand-held umbrellas. They give you protection from the scorching sunlight and are an integral decorative item for your patio, sundeck, roof deck or pool deck. They also create a more cozy and relaxed ambiance for you. These umbrellas are generally six to twelve feet in height and unfurled canopies can cover an area of about 25 square feet. They are made up of wooden, aluminum or plastic shafts, folding spokes, waterproof synthetic canopies. and a flat base. Patio umbrellas with a plastic shaft are generally the most preferred choice because of its corrosion resistant nature. On the other hand, the classy patio umbrellas with wooden shafts are the costliest and requires more maintenance. Again, patio umbrellas with aluminum shafts are rust resistant and and the lightest of the different available forms. But they can be easily pitted and are prone to other forms of corrosion.

Patio umbrellas are available in different colors, sizes, and designs and they add a decorative touch to your patio. Some are even UV resistant. These umbrellas can either stand alone or are mounted on tables. The stand-alone variety are simple freestanding structures that have a solid base. These umbrellas can be placed close to your deck chairs or lawn chairs and provides you a shady area for relaxation. While, the table-mounted patio umbrellas gives you the ultimate dining experience in a cool and comfortable way.

If you want to raise an outdoor party in your house then you can protect your guests by using the very popular and stylish patio umbrellas that are available in today’s market. Moreover, this will also give you enough space to flaunt your decorative ideas in front of your distinguished guests. Plus, the patio umbrellas also look very good in the sun.

These umbrellas are very essential for any household that has some extra space to sit, relax and have fun. They are available in various forms in the market. Check out this list of some really gorgeous and stylish patio umbrellas that will not only give you shade but also help in beautifying your lovely courtyard.

1. Tiki patio umbrellas

Price: $79.95

Tiki patio umbrella

The Tiki patio umbrella is an amazing thatched umbrella and is ideal for a tropical-themed setting. It can be a valuable part of any beach house, restaurant or backyard setting.

This classy patio umbrella is made of a Real-thatch™ synthetic thatch covering that doesn’t shed or gets faded. It features a huge 8′ canopy, 16-rib made of fiberglass for supporting the canopy, a threaded pole assembly made of 2 pieces, hardwood pole of 1.5″ diameter, Brass plated connecting hardware and a manual push-up lift. The Tiki patio umbrella weighs 18 lbs.

It is available in two sizes – 9′ and 11′. There is no tilt adjustment. The pole is of teak stain hardwood and the shade is wood colored.

The Tiki patio umbrella needs quick cleaning to avoid dirt to get embedded in the fabrics. It can be easily cleaned by simply brushing off the dirt or by wiping it if there is any spill.

The unique synthetic thatch used in its canopy makes it stand apart from other umbrellas. It is a great buy for the nature lovers.

2. Solar Patio Umbrella with LED Light

Price: on request

Solar Patio Umbrella

This Chinese made Solar Patio Umbrella with LED Light looks very stylish and attractive. It features 32 bright LED Lights, remote switches , 8 strong steel ribs, tilt and crank, a UV & waterproof 240G polyester cover, a tan color and an air vent. It measures 9′ in diameter. When charged for 8 hours with solar energy it can work for 10 hours in the night.

The main USP of this patio umbrella is its ability to glow and work without electricity.

If you are a promoter of sustainable living then you should definitely go with this solar powered umbrella. Moreover, it will also add a dash of glamor to your courtyard with its ultra stylish looks and design.

3. Retractable Offset Patio Umbrella

Price: $1,370.00

Retractable Offset Patio Umbrella

The Retractable Offset Patio Umbrella features a large 11′ octagonal canopy that has got the capacity to swivel around 360 degrees and thereby gives maximum shade and protection from the sun. It is fitted on a strong powder coated aluminum frame with a graphite finish. the waterproof canopy is made of strong and highly durable Sunbrella acrylic fabric. It generally lasts for many years. The offset style of the pole is more user-friendly and comfortable.

The Retractable Offset Patio Umbrella comes with various options. It has got different base styles- Deckmount plate(DMT), freestanding-4prong(FSB), freestanding offset (FSB/OS), groung insert(GIB) and SPA base (SPB). The canopy style of the Retractable Offset Patio Umbrella also has two options- Market(M) and valance(V). The canopy fabriccomes in different colors and textures like antique beige, black, dupione cornsilk, fern, heather beige, natural, sesame linen and taupe.

The Retractable Offset Patio Umbrella is a good choice for the rich and the famous and if you want to invest in an umbrella that will last for many years it is a good choice. Moreover, there are many options from which you can select your favorite. And lastly looking into its various features, the price for this huge, durable and sturdy umbrella is also considerable.

4. Tilt patio Umbrella

Price: Comes with different prices according to the features.

Tilt Patio Umbrella

The tilt patio umbrella comes with different kinds of tilts like push button tilts, auto tilts and collar tilts and the latest shade dial. the main advantage of the tilt patio umbrella is that you can tilt it according to your position or the sun. the tilt patio umbrella suits a large patio and is also commercially popular. It is very often seen in restaurants, hotels and clubs. the push- button tilt umbrella is very simple and strong. You just need to do the correct setting. while the collar tilt umbrella is best as a table umbrella because you just need to stretch your hand while seated to adjust the tilt and enjoy the shade. And the autotilt is very user friendly because it is automatic.

The tilt patio umbrella comes with the regular features of any patio umbrella like a strong pole made of two sections and sturdy ribs. It also comes with a decorative finial cap. Moreover they are also mildew resistant because of the use of 3M scotch-guard stain. Some of the tilt umbrellas also have LED lights and the canopy is made of UV- resistant sunbrella fabric. they come with different colors and designs.

5. Steel Patio Umbrella

Price: $12.95

Steel Patio Umbrella

The sleek Steel Patio Umbrella is loaded with many features like an over-sized canopy of 9 feet, a poly canvas shade canopy of 150 gram, crank lift, a three-way steel tilt mechanism, two-piece 1 3/8″ pole sections and ornamental finial cap.The shaft has a powdercoat finish and is chocolate brown hammer tone in color. This patio umbrella has a 3M scotch-guard stain and is resistant to mildew. All these features come with a total weight of 10lbs.

The Steel Patio Umbrella is available in different canopy colors like hunter green, beige and red. Moreover, you can choose the base of your choice from the different options available like- Cast Iron Umbrella Bases, Solid Granite Rock Patio Umbrella Bases, Aluminum U-Fill Patio Umbrella Bases etc.

And if you have a fixed budget, then by investing in this Steel Patio Umbrella you can save a lot of money. The Steel Patio Umbrella is affordable for any middle class household.

6. Aluminium Patio Umbrella

Price: on request

Aluminium Patio Umbrella

The European styled Aluminium Patio Umbrella is loaded with many sophisticated features. It has an aluminum shaft like that is 1.2 mm in diameters and, the waterproof canopy is made of 300D*300D Oxford cloth. Moreover, it is customizable and also comes in different colors, sizes, materials and design. the various sizes of the Aluminium Patio Umbrella are φ 2m, φ 2.2m, φ 2.5m, φ 2.7m, φ 3m, and φ 3.5m

The Aluminium Patio Umbrella umbrella is ideal for outdoor parties and get together s. Moreover its plastic base makes it ideal for rains as it does not get corroded. The various size options make it even more desirable.

7. Tan Patio Umbrella

Price: $64.95

Tan Patio Umbrella

The Tan Patio Umbrella is a 10 Foot Offset Umbrella which can accommodate two lounge chairs under it very easily. The waterproof canopy fabric is very thin and light weight. it is good for any big courtyard. The tan patio umbrella features a 1.2 mm diameter shaft, ornamental final caps, mildew resistant 3M scotch-guard stain in its body, and different colors and sizes. Moreover, it weighs 10 lbs and can be easily carried from one place to another.

The price of the Tan Patio Umbrella is also considerable, and is easily affordable by many people.

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