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5 Sturdy shovels for your garden

September 27, 2011

Garden shovels

Shovels are long handled tools with scooping blades for digging and removing materials. There are different types of shovels. Each type is for a specific purpose. Some are used for digging the earth. They have foot treads on the top part of the blade. They are flattened areas for keeping the feet and give extra force. The shovels can be bought with different types of handles and handle lengths.

Some of the different types of shovels include the barn shovel, snow shovel, the coal shovel, and the garden shovel. The garden shovels itself come in various shapes and sizes. They are very different from the spades used for gardening. While buying a garden shovel, you have to consider various things. The most important thing is the blade. It has to be a solid blade and also have a comfortable handle. The top part of the blade has to be flat for better foot leverage. Most of these shovels can be purchased at affordable prices. Given below are 5 sturdy shovels for your garden.

1. Fiskars 9669

Price: $39.67

Fiskars 9669

Description: The garden digging shovel is best for digging in your garden. It can be easily used on different types of materials and soils. It measures 3.2 x 8.6 x 47 inches. The shovel weighs 6.1 pounds. The shovel has a large step for providing stability and foot security. The special tear drop shape has made it very comfortable for using and holding.

USP: The digging handle comes with a D-handle that provides ergonomic support and control while using. The blade is welded to the shaft directly for additional strength. It is very easy to hold and use the shovel.

Pros: The digging shovel is made of steel components for providing durability and strength. The blades have oversized step for comfort and additional leverage. The blades are precut and can be used on different types of materials and soils. The D-handle is very comfortable too. The power coat protects the tool and prevents rust formation. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

2. Ames viper 1330000

Price: $31.00

Ames Viper 1330000

Description: This special shovel is about 47 inches long. Instead of steel it comes with a shaft of integrated fiberglass. The handle has a cushion grip for convenience. The blade used for digging is connected to the shaft with a huge steel collar. This is one of the best garden shovels to be owned. At the top part it has a forward looking step plate.

USP: The shovel uses high carbon tempered blades and collar made of steel that adds strength to the socket connection and the handle. The forward looking step provides foot security. It comes with a D-handle made of wood for grip.

Pros: This is one of the most useful shovels required by every gardener. It provides strong foot stability. The handle is covered with cushion for a better grip.

3. Jackson round shovel

Price: $30.00

Jackson Round Shovel

Description: If you want to move heavy rocks and other such materials you can use this particular shovel in your garden. It measures 6 x 53.75 x 7.5 inches. The point shovel comes with a steel blade and step that is forward turned. It has a 44 inch handle made of hardwood for additional strength.

USP: The point shovel has carbon tempered steel blade and comes with step forward turned for safe foot placing. It is best for transplanting shrubs and doing various other small jobs. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Pros: Experts consider that this is one of the must-have gardening tools. It can be specially used for dislodging heavy materials and rocks from your garden. The wooden handle is comfortable and strong.

4. Toolite midwest shovel

Price: $51.74

Toolite Midwest Shovel

Description: This is one of the best shovels available for gardening purposes. This special point shovel has pea-shaped holes on the digging blade. The holes help to reduce the weight of the tool greatly. It also helps the gardeners to dig well in water-logged and boggy soils without bothering about the mud getting stuck to the blades. The holes easily allow liquefied materials and small mud particles to easily flow through. The tool is about 48 inches long and comes with a fiberglass shaft. The handle has a good rubber grip. The blade is made of tempered steel.

USP: This is also one of the must-have tools for garden enthusiasts. It has a lightweight design because of the pea-sized holes on the blade. It is best for using in soggy and water logged-soils. The handle has a good rubber grip that enhances your comfort.

Pros: The long point shovel has a lightweight design. It is the best tool to own if you have to work on water-logged soils because the holes allow the soil and water to pass through the holes easily. The fiberglass shaft and the rubber handle are added benefits.

5. Coleman folding shovel

Price: $9.97

Folding shovel

Description: The shovel is a folding model that makes it very easy for storage. It has a positive fitting locking collar. It also comes with forged and tempered steel blades and serrated edge for the purpose of sawing. The shovel measures 6 x 2.1 x 11.5 inches and weighs just 2.4 pounds. This is a very important tool if you are going out camping. You can easily dig around your tent, use it for shoveling out the ash from the fire pit and also dig a hole for scat.

USP: The best thing is that the shovel is a foldable model so it can be transported to any place from where you want to work with it. Apart from your garden you can use it for other activities like camping etc. where you need to do a lot of digging. It is not very heavy too.

Pros: The best thing is that you can get a sturdy shovel for less than 10 dollars. You can carry it to any place especially, use it for all your camping requirements and garden use. It is foldable and easy to handle.

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