20 Plants for garden pathways which can handle foot traffic

November 10, 2011

Blue Star Creeper

There are infinite numbers of plants available to cultivate in your garden. But, there are very few varieties of plants that can be grown on pathways, because most of the plants are too sensitive to tolerate people’s feet.

Here is a list of some very common plants which you can use to decorate the walkways of your garden.

1. Irish moss

Irish Moss

It is one of the most important family member of Moss but much different from other plants of Moss family. It is easy to cultivate these plants on pathways. They spread very rapidly and are blessed with a quality to tolerate heavy foot traffic.

2. Alchemilla alpine or Alpine Lady’s Mantle

Alchemilla alpina

They look very pretty with the bright green leaves and become more attractive from the last spring to the arrival of summer when it blooms beautiful yellow flowers.

3. Brass Buttons or Leptinella Squalida

Brass buttons

Fascinating Brass Buttons are low growing plants that spread at a high speed. These evergreen plants are excellent to use on pathways and the most exciting thing about them is that they are very easy to take care of.

4. Baby’s tears Soleirolia Soleirolii

Baby’s tears

These ornamented plants have an immense and gorgeous look with a sweet fragrance. They look like a green carpet which turns red as autumn arrives. They are suitable to grow both in the sun and shade.

5. Creeping Jenny or Lysimachia Nummilaria

Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny which is also known as money wort in many places is a perennial plant that loves afternoon sun. They are yellowish-green colored plants which turns orange-bronze during the winter. Growing them on the fillers can make your pathways alive.

6. Beach strawberry

Beach Strawberry

Beach strawberry is a perennial member of the rose family. They have been increasingly famous because of their quality to easily grow on the rocks and handle heavy foot traffic. These beautiful flower plants produces tiny white flowers during spring and summer which produces small edible strawberries afterwards.

7. Ghymus Pseudolanuginosus or Woolly Thyme

Woolly thyme

Woolly Thymes is a plant that belongs to the family of creeping perennial and grows approximately up to 1 inch. This species of flower plants produces beautiful pink flowers in the summer and spreads fragrance when stepped on.

8. Isotoma Fluviatilis or Blue Star creeper

Blue Star Creeper

They are one of the most common plants that can be grown on pathways. They are well known because of their versatility and unique nature of handling heavy foot traffic. They produce beautiful flowers which bloom in almost all the seasons.

9. Turkish Veronica

Turkish veronica

Turkish Veronica, also known as Veronica Liwanensis is a small plant which grows approximately up to 1 to 2 inches. These plants produce nice flowers of sky-blue color in the late spring. For a better result you need to water them during the dry season.

10. Corsican mint or Mentha Requienii

Corsican mint

It is a small plant of the herb family which grows up to 3-10 centimeters and produces small leaves. They are excellent to use on pathways and can easily handle heavy foot traffic.

11. Mazus Reptans


Mazus Reptans are one of the most beautiful perennial plants which are ideal to grow on pathways. They grow at a high speed and produce beautiful purple blue flowers in the months of late spring.

12. Roman Chamomile

Roman chamomile

The most amazing quality of these plants is that they can be easily cultivated on pathways and doesn’t demand much attention. If you want your pathway to be beautiful, green and fragrant, you should go ahead with growing Roman chamomiles in your garden.

13. Labrador violet

Labrador Violet

The most charming attraction of these plants is their blue-violet flowers which arrive to improve the beauty of its pretty purple leaves in the late spring. They might feel silky smooth to your feet but as a matter of fact they are very tough and can tolerate heavy foot traffic.

14. Barren strawberry

Barren Strawberry

Barren strawberries are one of the most common plants which can be used on the walkways of your garden. They are popularly known for its green leaves and small strawberries. Although the strawberries produced by these plants are not edible, people love to plant them on their gardens just because of their beauty.

15. Iceplants


Iceplants are evergreen ground covers that grow up to 3 inches and spreads up to 1-2 feet. These plants start blooming purple-red flowers from of June to September.

16. Japanese spurge

Japanese Spurge

Japanese spurge is a kind of perennial flower plants which is one of the best plants to grow on pathways. These beautiful flower plants produce purple flowers in the days of spring which turns dark green as the summer arrives and later in winter the leaves become yellow green.

17. Plumbago


These perennial plants from herbs family are very easy to cultivate. Although they are sun lovers they are able to give good performance in partial shade too. They have beautiful green leaves and in the month of June small blue colored flowers bloom to enhance their beauty.

18. Ajuga or Bugleweed


Ajuga is a creeping evergreen plant which has green and purple leaves which looks like baby spinach. It doesn’t require much care – a very good result can be obtained by taking the minimal care for this plant.

19. Pussytoes


These kinds of plants are sun lovers. They have small wooly leaves and silver colored flowers.

20. Lysimachia nummularia or Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jennies are one of the most beautiful flowers to plant on the walk ways. It gives the best result on wet grounds.

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