15 Easy to grow border plants to beautify your back garden

November 5, 2011

Beautify your back garden

Border plants constitute an integral part of a garden. These not only create a point of separation and protection to herbs in the garden, but also add beauty to it. The flowerless plants and flowering plants are the basic two types of bordering plant. People often go for the second variety as it adds protection as well as wonderful colors to the garden. If you are keen to grow a beautiful garden with lots of flowers, you should have some flowering border plants. Here are 15 such border plants that will make your garden look heavenly.

1. African blue lily

African blue lily

It is a beautiful blue variety of Agapanthus. It is better grown in pots. It grows to have 25” tall spikes, which then blooms into a large spherical flower head with shades of blue and purple. In the presence of sunlight, the flowers change its color from blue to lilac with a bluish aura. The flowers are also fusion of two buds to give rise to 11 petals with double stamens.

2. California poppy

California poppy

It is a tender native to California and the southwestern United States. It can survive under extreme conditions. It blooms with a bright orange color flowers with neat leaves unlike other wild plants. It grows up to a height of 1’ to 1.5’ with a blooming time of April to August.

3. Coral bells

Coral bells

Heuchera or Coral bells will remind you of the earlier terracotta days as it blooms with flowers of terracotta color. They fall under the shrub category with lobed leaves, long petioles and hard wood stem. It can grow in all environmental conditions with minimal requirements.

4. Cosmos


It is perennial annual variety of shrubs with more than 25 different species. They bloom with different colored flowers based on their variety. The leaves are slender and are either pinnate or bi-pinnate based on its species. It grows predominantly in Mexico and adjoining regions.

5. Delphinium


It is another perennial variety with more than 300 different species. The leaves are slender and arranged in different format depending on the species. The five petal flowers have variable colors and are in bunch with ring of ray florets and center disc.

6. Forget-me-not


Popularly called as the mouse ear, the flowering shrub exists in 50 different species. The small flowers are five lobed with colors like pink, blue, red or white with yellow center depending on the species. However, they cannot survive in extreme sunlight and requires shady atmosphere.

7. Gerbera daisy

Gerbera daisy

Popularly known as African daisy, the plant is annual and half sturdy. The flowers are extremely beautiful with bright attractive colors. They can be bred for varying colors like white, bright red or scarlet shades. They are predominant in African belt. It can survive in extreme condition.

8. Japanese windflower

Japanese windflower

The Japanese Anemone or windflower is perennial annual plant with flowers of pink purple hues with bright yellow center. In winter, it forms seed puffs that look like snowfall. It is sturdy plant and survives extreme conditions.

9. Marguerite daisy

Marguerite daisy

It is native of Canary Island and belongs to the Perennial variety. It prefers growing in pots but it can be grown as border plants in garden. It has a white purple flower that looks extremely beautiful due to spread petals like arrangement.

10. Mealycup sage

Mealycup sage

It is a densely packed flowerbed variety. They are top choice for growing as bordering plant. Its spiky flowers are air blue or sparkling white in color. The plant grows up to a height of 3’. However, they cannot survive in overwatered conditions and needs proper sunlight for growing.

11. Money plant

Money plant

Only a specific variety of money plant blooms with flowers. These are extremely beautiful plants belonging to herbaceous group. The leaves are biennial. The flowers are extremely attractive with silver seed pod centers. They bloom in the season of springs. They require good amount of attention for growing.

12. Pink evening primrose

Pink evening primrose

Popularly known as pink ladies, the plants are extremely attractive with pink flowers. The plant reaches up to a length of 2 ft. The plant has pink flowers with bright yellow center and exotic fragrance. It blooms in entire summer up to early autumn.

13. Red spider lily

Red spider lily

The plant is bulbous perennial variety. The stems of the plant can grow up to 2 to 3 ft. It has red radiant flowers. However, the bulbs of the flower are extremely poisonous and require special attention.

14. Snapdragon


The plant got its name from the flowers that look like a dragon’s mouth due to its pressure based opening and closing system. The flowers can be white, red or yellow depending on the species of the plant. The plants needs huge amount of sunlight.

15. Sweet William

Sweet William

It is a short-lived extremely popular perennial plant. It grows in Europe. It can reach up to height of 2 to 2.5 ft. The flowers are bright red in color with white base. The plant has several varieties that have different colored flowers in shades of blue and red.

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