10 Best tropical plants for indoors

September 27, 2011

Best indoor plants

Indoor plants are a great addition within the house and great for those living in apartments. Live plants immediately add a touch of freshness to a living space and with many hybrid and sturdy types available, one can pick and choose from the many available varieties to light up a special area in their homes. While many plants need outdoor settings, here are a few good examples of plants that can successfully grow indoors and make for lasting beauty and decoration within the four walls.

1. Philodendrons


This species includes some of the most striking foliage plants and stay evergreen all year round. Naturally found in tropical regions of America, there are hundreds of varieties found. Indoors plants of this family can be broadly classified into the climbing and the non-climbing variety. While in the wild some grow very tall and climb up the tallest trees, indoors they can be much more controlled and easy to maintain. Soft dappled light, moist soil conditions and controlled warm to cool temperatures are best for these green beauties.

2. Schefflera Plants

Schefflera Plant

A very attractive tropical plant to grow indoors it the Schefflera plant. It has variegated leaves and is also known as the Umbrella plant, Gold Capella, Amate and Diana. Its easy to propagate through leaf cuttings and need moderate light and water conditions. They make for great house plants because of ease of maintenance

3. Tropical Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus

The hibiscus is the quintessential tropical flower and thanks to introduction of hybrids they come in a wide range of colors and forms. A single plant can even bear flowers of different colors. They demand much in terms of light, humidity and also attract insects that can destroy these plants. Since hibiscus can grow into big shrubs in their native habitats, it’s a good idea to try and control their growth by repotting biannually and keeping them pruned.

4. Ficus Tree

Ficus Trees

The Ficus plant, also commonly known as the weeping fig is a tropical plant with glossy long leaves. It grows upto thirly metres outdoors where there are prefered in parks and outdoor public places.They can be easily maintained indoors, specially in temperate climactic areas. With regular pruning and repotting the plants ought to thrive indoors provided they are places in sunny spots with little shade. In summers they require moderate watering and its suggested to avoid mist spraying on the leaves.

5. Anthurium Indoor Plant

Anthurium Indoor Plant

Anthuriums are a common sight in flower shops and bouquets and often are prefered indoor plants because ot their striking red flowers. They are originally from the South American areas in Colombia and Equador.Some even call it the bleeding heart flower. In the right conditions, they can bloom all year round. Individual flowers last for three to four weeks.

6. Iresine Herbstii (Bloodleaf)

Iresine Herbstii (Bloodleaf)

This purple plant or shrub with very striking leaves has curious names like the blood leaf, purple lady and some even call it it beefsteak plant! They need fairly bright light, moist soil, rich in nutrients. Its growth is encouraged by spraying and misting and grows well in a pot. Because of their unique appearance and ease of maintenance, they are very popular with indoor plant enthusiasts. They do not do well during extreme cold weather though. Regular pruning and picking of dried leaves will ensure a fresh vibrant look at all times.

7. Feng Shui Plant

Feng Shui Plant

Feng Shui practice is fast catching up and certain plants are considered auspiscious as per Feng Shui guidelines.Some common Feng Shui plants are Cane plant, Jade plant, Pleace lily, Lotus bamboo and Arboricola floor plant. These plants make for great indoor plants and also bring about a flair or the exotic oriental with their precence. It’s advisable to discard dying plants as per Feng Shui custom.

8. Aglaonema tropical plants


This genus of evergreen plant produce leaves which look very ornamental with varieties of markings and patterns on them. Though natives of rainforests and swamps they can go without water ans indoor conditions pretty well. They are one of the easiest plants to maintain among all houseplants. They can put up with poorly lit conditions or even in poor ventilation. Aglaonema produces flowers and fruit periodically throughout the year, however they are not as significant to look at as the leaves. Good thing about these plants are that they are slow growers and once potted they need not be fussed over for pruning or repotting anytime soon.

9. Dumb cane

Dumb cane

The dumb cane (Diffencahia) which originated in rainforests has now become a very common house plant. Ingesting it’s parts which are all poisonous can be painful, even making a person unable to speak, a reason why it’s got such a name. While it can grow pretty large outdoors, it stays slow growing and manageable when kept indoors. With right conditions it can actually reach a height of about six feet! This plant loves sunlight, but fares okay in poorly lit areas for awhile.

10. Dracaena Tarzan

Dracaena Tarzan

Dracaenas are unique with their woody thin trunks with shiny slender leaves gently curving downwards. The prefered species called Marginata has many cultivar types and the Dracaena Tarzan is a hot favourite amongst enthusiasts. They grow well in low light and can be cultivated in both tree forms and shrubs. It’s a hardy plant and pretty tolerant towards pest attacks or drought-like conditions.

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