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10 Traveling Sprinklers for large Garden

October 6, 2011

Traveling Sprinklers

If you are one of those who love the looks of a lush green garden in front of their house (or in the backyard), or have large farm houses that you wish to see filled with greenery, then these sprinklers are just the things you need to keep your garden ever green. Here is a list of the best sprinklers that are available in the market, which would take care of all the garden and crop watering problems for you and thus save you a lot of time and effort in the process. These sprinklers cannot just move and sprinkle covering a larger ground area, but can intelligently follow a pre laid path to allow every part of your garden to be properly irrigated by them. These sprinklers are available with varied features and price tags, so it’s up to you to decide which one is built just for you.

1. Gilmour travelling sprinkler

Price: $117.99

Gilmour sprinkler

The Gilmour travelling sprinkler does not just look great, but is in fact a great sprinkler that can provide you with extensive water coverage for up to 13500 sq feet. The travelling sprinkler is made up of heavy duty cast iron colored in bright shades, and molded to represent a Farm Tractor. It is easily adjustable to suit your requirements and the sprinkler can throw water up to 55 feet by adjusting the spray arms. You can predefine the patter that the sprinkler has to follow with the help of the water hose, and once the pattern has been completed, it shuts off automatically, preventing excess of watering of the area in concern. This sprinkler is very reliable and built for lasting long.

Product USP:

The Main USP of the Sprinkler lies in the fact that it has extensive range, can follow a predefined pattern and has a long extensive spray range of 55 feet


1. It has extensive reach, and can cover a large area of up to 13500 sq feet.

2. It is made up of cast iron and has a very sturdy body and hence a long life is ensured.

3. It is colored in bright shades so that you can spot it easily in your fields when it is not operating.

2. Nelson 50970 Rain train Traveling Sprinkler

Price: $71.76

Nelson sprinkler

This sprinkler is available in bright yellow shade and impossible to ignore in the field. This powerful sprinkler is good to travel up to 200 feet and thus can cover an extensive area of up to 13500 sq feet. You can set it to one of the 3 predefined speeds depending up on the level of watering your fields or garden needs. The sprinkler also comes with an auto shut down mode once the watering of the plants has been done.

Product USP:

The USP of this Sprinkler lies in the fact that it is one of the best sprinklers available at such economic price.


1. It has an extensive range of 13500 sq feet.

2. It has 3 predefined speed modes.

3. It is easy to spot in the field.

3. Unique cast iron Traveling Sprinkler

Price: $134.95

Cast iron Sprinkler

If you have a large lawn or garden but do not have the time to water it properly everyday then this Unique Cast Iron Travelling Sprinkler is just what you have been looking for. It saves your time, and effort. With its rotating sprinkles that have a range of 13”, it can cover up to 54 feet. If you have a long Hose, the travelling sprinkler can cover up to 200 feet length. You can adjust its speed and spray power to water only what is required.

Product USP:

The USP of this Unique Cast Iron Traveling Sprinkler is that it has an extensive coverage area and multiple modes of sprinklers that you can easily control.


1. It has 13” spray arms that can cover up to 54 feet.

2. It can cover a distance of up to 200 feet.

3. You can easily control the water flow and power, range of the sprinkler.

4. Orbit traveling sprinkler 58322

Price: US $56.00

Orbit Sprinkler

The Orbit 58322 comes with cool features that are sure to catch your interest. It is one of the cheapest Travelling Sprinklers available in the market that can give you full worth for your money. It comes equipped with many features to make the watering of your lawn more easy, fast and fun. It has a 3 position adjustable speed control and an adjustable spray area and power. It can cover a maximum area of 55 feet. You can use any 5/8” hose for it to travel over, in any pre selected pattern.

Product USP:

The USP of the Orbit Travelling Sprinkler is that it offers excellent features at an incredible price.


1. It is a self propelled sprinkler and can cover your entire field.

2. It features automatic shutdown once the end of the hose is reached.

3. It can travel up to 200 feet along the hose.

5. CAT Traveling Sprinkler

Price: $349.00

CAT Sprinkler

The CAT Travelling Sprinkler is a powerful sprinkler that allows you to take care of your garden and lawn without investing too much time into the act of watering the plants, the Travelling Sprinkler does it automatically for you. It has a heavy duty cast iron frame and wheels that can cover 15000 sq feet without trouble. It is self propelling and comes with adjustable spray arms that can extensively reach any area within the range of 60 feet of the Sprinkler.

Product USP:

The Sprinkler features a powerful body and long range with adjustable sprinkle modes.


1. It has a durable cast iron metal frame.

2. It has an extensive range of 15000 sq feet.

3. It is self propelled and can operate in two speed modes.

6. ABI Irrigation Micro-32 Traveling Turf Sprinkler

Price: $3,475.88

ABI Micro-32 Sprinkler

If you own a large farm house or have a very large area to attend to and water then this ABI Irrigation Micro 32 Travelling Turf Sprinkler is just what you need. Built specifically to suit the needs of large grounds like a Sports field, Pastures and farmlands, this very powerful travelling Sprinkler can attend to all your needs of irrigation. It has a very simple Driving mechanism that allows it to water 3/4th of an acre in just one pull. The hose length provided with it is 295 feet and it has a maximum range of 61 feet. The dimensions of this Sprinkler are 30 x 38 x 31”

Product USP:

The USP of this Turf Sprinkler is that it can operate without the need of monitoring and can water 3/4th of an acre in a single go.


1. It features speed control valves for regulation the flow of the sprinkler.

2. It has an adjustable wheel cart.

3. It comes with 12 feet supply hose equipped with quick couplers.

7. ABI Irrigation Micro-25 Traveling Turf Sprinkler

Price: $2,130.88

ABI Micro-25 Sprinkler

This powerful Travelling Turf Sprinkler is ideally suited for irrigating large areas like sports fields and farms. It has the capacity to work without requiring any monitoring on your part. It features patented hydraulics that makes it a low maintenance and long lasting Sprinkler. It takes care of the minimum pressure requirements. It features micro filters to clean the water before sprinkling it. The sprinkler also has advanced features like auto shutdown after the completion of the irrigation and speed control valves to regulate the flow of water. The strength of this sprinkler lies in the fact that it can singlehandedly water up to 2.5 acres, with an impressive sprinkle range of 54 feet. This ABI Micro 25 weighs 120 pounds and can be considered to be the heavy weight champion of its arena.

Product USP:

The long range, extensive coverage and powerful sprinklers that can work on their own without the need of you monitoring the entire process that allow you to save your time is the biggest USP of this Micro-25 Turf Sprinkler.


1. It has exceptional features like hydraulic rewind cylinders that require very low maintenance.

2. It comes equipped with a skid cart, so that you may easily move this heavy weight giant.

3. It features multiple sprinkle modes and has many regulatory measures that ensure proper functioning of the Sprinkler over a long time.

8. Ace Traveling Sprinkler (4500A)

Price: $59.99

Ace Sprinkler

The Ace Travelling Sprinkler offers you great value for your money. If you own a lawn and like taking care of it but have little time to spare then this ace traveling sprinkler is just the thing that you need. Designed to take care of areas up to 16000 sq feet this sprinkler follows the path you lay before it by placing the water hose. It has a cast iron body painted in dark red color that is very easy to spot and very durable for long use. It features 2 speed transmissions and has the feature of auto shut down when the watering process has been completed or when it comes to the end of the hose. This sprinkler weighs 18.5 pounds and hence is very easy to carry as and when required.

Product USP:

The Main USP of this product lies in the fact that it provides you with excellent sprinkler features at a very less price.


1. It has a rust resistant body made out of cast iron with brass hose connection.

2. It features 2 speed transmissions for allowing you to choose the level of watering that needs to be done.

3. After the irrigation is completed it automatically shuts itself down.

9. Tractor Sprinkler

Price: $84.99

tractor sprinkler

The Tractor Sprinkler gets its name perhaps from the way it resembles a farm tractor. It is a great sprinkler for a lawn or a garden and can take care of all the watering needs in very short time without much of supervision. All that you need to do is identify the pattern in which this sprinkler needs to work and lay the hose in the same pattern and enjoy the comforts of automatic watering of the entire lawn as per your preset directives. It features 2 speed modes and a neutral mode too, if you wish to use it as a fixed sprinkler. Its body is made from Die cast metals and it comes equipped with brass water hose connection. The spray can cover a range of up to 55 feet and the sprinkler can travel to a length of 200 feet on a 5/8 water hose.

Product USP:

This Sprinkler is equipped with both 2 speed transmissions and a neutral stationary mode hence you may use it both as a travelling sprinkler and a stationary one.


1. It has 2 different speed modes and one stationary mode of sprinkling.

2. It has a maximum coverage capacity of 16000 sq feet.

3. It rolls on hard plastic made wheels

10. DIY Traveling Sprinkler

Price: $2,140.39

DIY Sprinkler

This is a large Travelling Sprinkler that has been made specifically to tend to large areas such as farms and sports fields. It requires no supervision and can take care of the entire watering process and is an ideal device for places where permanent in ground water provision is not possible. It weighs 75 pounds and is especially useful in places where in the installation of sprinklers is not possible due to some reason. It has a unique metal frame made up of brass, stainless steel, and aluminum that would give you long lasting durability. It prevents over watering of the turf as it stops after the set task of watering is completed. This heavy duty Travelling Sprinkler makes use of 1” female water hose inlets along with the standard 1” water hose and provides quick watering of the entire area concerned.

Product USP:

The USP of this Travelling Sprinkler lies in the fact that it has a combined metal body made from multiple metals that enhance its durability and its capacity to attend to large turfs without the need of any monitoring on your part.


1. It makes irrigation of large areas faster and more economical.

2. It specially works in those places where the installation of sprinklers is not possible.

3. It has a full metal body that is very durable and lasts really long.

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