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10 Beautiful trees for your small garden

September 24, 2011

Trees for your small garden

A small garden doesn’t signify that you can’t enjoy the structure, exquisiteness and shades that trees can offer. Every garden needs one or even more trees. Not only there is a variety of small trees to make a choice from, but also there are some of the best ornamental trees which are quite compact. You can look for beautiful branching structures, colorful and magnificent flowers and fruits, or else, you can opt for trees with great beautiful fall foliage. The thick and dense shade formed by the overlapping of leaves and branches is much a cooler place to rest on during the hot summer months.

Below are the top options of beautiful trees available that could be gardened in your small arena:

1. Spartan Apple Tree

Apple Tree

They would usually grow up to 4.5 m. They are a dependable cropper and also partially self fertile, so you need not to plant a partner tree. There are numerous varieties available and all of them would blossom in the early spring. Plant it in full sun and in bit acidic soil. Most of the trees will bear fruit in 3-5 years. Harvest it in January and October

2. Crab apple tree


By planting a Crab apple tree, you can add spring flair to your landscape. It displays wonderful collection that bears flowers in shades of red, pink and white and produces golden red, orange or burgundy fruits. There are varieties of them available with outstanding fall colors and are quite disease resistance. Height and width varies from 6-30 feet depending on the variety (Zone 3-8).

3. Himalayan birch

Himalayan birch

It displays the brightest white bark of any tree for an extremely idiosyncratic and exhilarating show. It’s in open-branched pyramidal form. It’s a wonderful landscape tree with wonderful yellow fall color. It grows up to 35 to 40 feet and 18 to 20 feet wide.

4. Japanese flowering cherry

Japanese flowering cherry

This is a fine cherry species. It is suitable for traditional beds and borders, and is a very beautiful street tree. It is more like a front-yard showpiece, a smaller shade tree in city gardens or as a lining driveway edges in cooler climates.It has pink-white flowers and green leaves giving it an ultimate combination.

5. Snowy mespilus

Snowy mespilus

It’s a tree or a multiple stems shrub with beautiful foliage of orange, red and bronze. It’s greenish in summer with young bronzed leaves will turn to red and orange in autumn. It has white flowers in petite upright racemes. Its dark purple berries ripens in hot summer. Its grows up to 12 m in height and 8 m in width.

6. Sweet gum

Sweet gum

American sweet gum tree bears leaves in the shape of stars. The leaves of the tree provides excellent fall foliage colors like, red and purple in shedding time, and some would turn yellow and others to orange in the same sweet gum tree. It grows 60-70 inches tall and gives a narrow pyramidal structure.

7. Mountain ash

Mountain ash

There are two main species of mountain ash tree, viz, the European Mountain Ash and the North American mountain ash. The European species is more like a tree whereas the other gives a shrubby appearance. These species is not particularly long lived. The trees blossom in early summer or in late spring. Flowers of the tree are very small, blooms in bunches. This tree is best known for its cluster of berries. It grows to a height of around 10 inches only.

8. Weeping pear

Weeping pear

This tree forms a thick mound of weeping branches which are coerced with silver grey leaves which would again change to grey-green by summers and gives it a more elegant look. It bears fruits in autumn and flowers in April. Its ultimate height is 20-25 feet.

9. Strawberry tree

Strawberry tree

It is a very ornamental evergreen small tree or a shrub. Strawberry tree blooms and bears fruits during autumn. This makes it a very unusual and extraordinary specimen shrub, with pretty red fruits and pinkish flowers. Leaves are leathery and glossy on top. It grows to about 2-3 m in height.

10. Coral bark Japanese maple

Coral bark Japanese maple

This tree features outstanding coral bark that gives this maple a unique and an exquisite look. The red bark of this tree looks remarkably amazing no matter what its surroundings is. During the hot summer months, the leaves of the Maple are light green in color, but during the autumn they turn into pale yellow. Due to its uniqueness and beauty, this tree is a magnificent addition to all gardens. You can plant it in a pot or grow it indoors as well.

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