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10 Amazing topiary art pieces to satiate nature lovers’ desires

November 28, 2011

10 amazing topiary art-pieces

Topiary art pieces beautify your garden by adding more life to the usual view of a garden. The amazing art of creating a topiary basically involves clipping and shaping of shrubs and trees using your creativity and imagination. It requires skilled garden enthusiasts that can turn any shrub or tree into the shape of an animal, bird or any other object. The topiary art pieces highly cater to the desires of any art or nature lover. Creating a topiary itself is a horticulture practice to train live perennial plants by clipping the foliage and twigs of trees. Its origin dates back to the Roman times when the first topiary was created in the Roman gardens. Every topiary art piece is special in itself and the list below compiles ten of them.

1. The Elephant Family Topiary

Elephant Family topiary

The amazing topiary art-piece consists of parent elephant and two baby elephants presenting a complete family. The view of the topiary makes you feel they are back to life. One such topiary is present at the Regent’s Park, London.

2. Topiary Towers

Topiary Tower

One of the most simple and stable designs of topiary art pieces is the topiary towers. Built on steel topiary frames, these towers can be created over desirable lengths and levels.

3. Formula 1 Racer Topiary

Formula 1 Race Car Topiary

If you are a formula 1 race fan, then this hedge cut in the shape of a formula 1 race car will surely make your heart skip a beat. It’s an eleven feet long car made from six plants. This topiary can be found at the Williams F1 headquarters where gardeners can be seen maintaining it for hours every month.

4. Peacock Topiary

Peacock Topiary

The peacock shaped topiary is a royal piece to keep in your garden. It’s a large peacock with it’s tail lying on the ground and decorated with flowers.

5. Topiary Heart of Ivy

Heart of Ivy topiary

The heart of Ivy topiary can be created by you in a pot as well. You would need a heart-shaped topiary form , sphagnum moss and a green paddle wire to hold the moss in place. This accompanied with other tools and resources would help to achieve the task.

6. Topiary Sculpture

Topiary Sculpture

Utilizing different frames resembling sculptures of bodies and faces, topiary sculptures can be created. They are sophisticated art-forms that add splendor to your gardening space.

7. Topiary Gardener

Topiary Gardener

Every gardener would love to create a topiary that resembles him. This carefully pruned topiary resembles a gardener while working. Beautifully decorated with flowers and shrubs pruned the right way, it makes for a watch.

8. YES Logo Topiary

YES Logo topiary

The topiaries can even be given the shape of alphabets and letters. This helps to create logos and titles for companies or industries. After all who does not want an Eco-friendly ambiance surrounding their buildings.

9. Topiary Lion

Lion Topiary

Animal topiary art-piece collection would be incomplete without the king of the jungle. This topiary shaped in the form of a lion is worth watching.

10. Topiary Garden

Topiary Garden

It is made from grouping together a wide range of topiary art-pieces including topiaries of civilians dancing and enjoying in garden.

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