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10 Amazing gardens on wheels

December 14, 2011

In today’s fast paced life, man cannot find enough time to be with nature and take care of it. Left to itself, plants can thrive on their own, provided the suitable conditions are given to them; which,however, is not found in case of potted plants. So, due to lack of proper care, they wither away and leave a void in the ecosystem.

As a panacea for all the problems, Samaritans have come out with a revolutionary idea, that of garden on wheels.This means the Bougainvillea need not be restricted to your lawn itself. It can be carried to all those places that you visit.

These are not only awesome and pretty, but also invokes a sense of surprise. These are too beautiful to take the eyes away. Wrapped with beauty and aroma, these garden on wheels are masterpieces of artistry. Out of many such mobile gardens, we’ve included only those in our list that were amazing enough to left a mark on the spectator’s heart. Thus, focus now shifts on 10 such mobile gardens.

Chicago Subway Train transformed into lush mobile garden on wheels

A Chicago-based non-profit organization, Noisivelvet exhibits the Art on Track. An entire car of the Chicago Transit Authority(CTA) was covered with real, breathing garden. The floor and the plastic covering on the passenger seats were covered with lush, green grasses. Variety of potted plants, both flowering and non-flowering, were kept on the seats and window slits. Hanging plants and climbers occupied the ceiling.

The commuters had an amazing experience of traveling in the garden. The commuters may sit on grasses, rather than slippery plastic sheath. In order to explain the utility of the exhibition, members from the Chicago art community also rode with the passengers.

Planted mobile allotments

Yet another specimen was found in Wiesbaden, a city in southwest Germany. On June 22, a 7-metre long truck was spotted in the city.The unique feature of it was that it carried 220 breeds of plants. On its maiden journey of about 470km, the truck displayed the real meaning of garden on wheels to the public.

Caravan that turns into a mobile garden

It is said that all those things touched by artists turn into masterpieces. The artist of this project converted an entire caravan into a mobile garden. He explains that he wants the garden to be with him at all time. From outside it will appear to be an ordinary caravan, but, when it’s fully opened, the spectators see the reality within. It’s a garden with plants, grass, trees and even animals. But, with a single exception. None of the things are real. All are made of silk and the animals are also stuffed ones. Yet, it fully suits the purpose of creating awareness among the masses.

Gardens on wheels

The residents of Melbourne made a mobile garden using the hospital bed. Polystyrene containers replaced the foam bed. These polystyrene containers contained variety of flowers and plants.

So what is so unique about this? The height of this garden on wheels is adjustable. So, anyone, from kids to grown-ups, young to old, healthy to handicapped, can engage in gardening. This garden can be carried anywhere to gain ample sunlight. Moreover, this garden is free from the problem of weeds.

A convenient and practical solution for those interested in gardening.

Mobile Garden from mobile bathtub

Eserro, a Canadian company which makes gardening products, developed a mobile garden in shape of a bath-tub. However, this is not exactly a bathtub as it has been converted into a garden. Taking cognizance of the lack of space availability in urban areas, this garden has been made compact. It houses variety of plant species, capable of thriving both indoors and outdoors. Thus, in the Fall, these can be brought inside the house.

When there is a rearrangement of things within the house, you need not worry about carrying the potted plants. This garden on wheels is easily transportable.

Rooftop gardens on wheels

If there can be speedy means of transport, why can’t there be a garden that runs at amazing speed. This was the motivation that made the artists cover the roof-top of the bus with an array of blossomed plants. They argue that this project will help in filtering the atmosphere by absorbing the toxic fumes from the vehicles exhaust. It is to be noted that only flowers are capable of growing under this project, as the food crops will be destroyed by the toxic diesel fumes.

Creative gardening on the go

Following on the tracks of previous example, a Dutch artist, Annechien Meier, also developed a garden on the roof of a bus. He also comes up similar arguments, like the plants will get abundant sunlight, plenty of air, and enough carbon dioxide from the exhaust. The plant will thus help purify the air and improve the living quality of Denmark.

Mobile garden rail car

Artist Joe Baldwin, from Chicago developed the first garden on rails. A complete car of the train of Chicago Transit Authority was transformed into a flatbed garden, housing a variety of plant species.

So, what benefit does it endow?

Firstly, the commuters will get to see pleasant sights during their journey, rather than gazing at the things outside. Secondly, the people will be made aware of the need to conserve native species, as most of the plants on the train were native plant species. Thus, during the transit, the flatbed garden will purify the volume of air that comes in contact with it.

Mobile Urban Gardens

A Dutch environmentalist, artist, and gardener, Annachein Meier, has developed a mobile garden. But, the main distinguishing feature of this garden is that it was developed using reused materials, like rail-cars, trucks-carriage, buses, etc. Also, this mobile garden has so much space that local community can participate in the gardening process and sow plants of their choice, without having to worry about the land.

Truck Farm: Concrete Jungle’s Mobile Garden

Film makers Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis, developed a full-fledged farm on wheels. They did so by transforming an old pick-up truck into a mobile. They named their projects as King Corn and The Greening of Southie.

The mobile garden houses a variety of vegetables. The general public can purchase these truck-grown vegetables by joining their campaign for $20.

So what’s new in this one?

The carriage is not made of the ordinary materials used in case of pick-up trucks. It is provided with a root barrier, provision to restrict soil erosion, drainage mat to prevent water-logging and special lightweight soil made out of recycled styrofoam, gel, organics, and clay.The top layer of this special soil is covered by organic compost to improve the fertility of the soil.

Thus, in essence, this is a farm on wheels.

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